Go from 0 to 1 and beyond

A 12-week cohort-based learning program to help you learn from a network of global founders and connecting you with great communities.

Pioneer cohort starts on June 14, 2024

Introducing Camp

We believe in making entrepreneurship more accessible, attainable, and achievable. To make that happen, we're connecting our community with global startup founders and enablers to take inspiration and learning from their entrepreneurial journeys.

Fireside Chats

Join our weekly virtual fireside chats featuring global startup founders and tech executives

Mastermind Sessions

Be in a group of like-minded individuals to learn and help each other go through our day-to-day grind.

Demo Day

Showcase your idea to key stakeholders to expand your network and explore potential opportunities.

Cohort 1 Virtual Fireside Sessions

Julie Pham

CEO, CuriosityBased

Seattle, Washington

Nick Hughes

CEO, Founders Live

Seattle, Washington

Brian Shin

Co-Founder, Typed

Seoul, South Korea

Ivan Maysarin

CEO, Monite

Berlin, Germany

Jed Manguera

Co-Founder, CoHabit

Malmö, Sweden

Lukas Wieser

Co-CEO, MyFlexBox

Salzburg, Austria

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