Fundraising Made Easier.

You're building something extraordinary. Let us help. Beavrr is a fundraising software that enables you to raise capital for your business. Whether it's from your family, friends, or your first angel investor, we're here to help.

Creating greater access to capital.

We often forget that after bootstrapping, entrepreneurs source most of their funds by doing a family and friends round. It's about time we made that process easier, faster, and more scalable.

Private Campaigns

Design campaigns that have the look and feel of your brand.

Prospect Dashboard

Send personalized invites and manage prospect engagement.

Financial Integration

Receive funds directly to your bank accounts.

Why Beavrr?

Behind every aspiring entrepreneur is a community of supporters, from family, to friends, and to early customers. We want to make it easier for any aspiring entrepreneur to launch their ideas and scale their impact.

Fundraising Simplified

We've developed a simple and effective solution for you so you can raise your initial round.

Structured Engagement

Formalize the terms with investors, whether its your family, friends, or your first angel investor.

Time and Money Saved

We'll save you time and money so you can focus on what truly matters, building the business.

No Upfront Cost

Our fees are deducted from your campaign. Transaction fees, like credit card and bank charges, can be shouldered by the founders or passed on to funders.


Raise up to $1,000


Personalized Dashboard

2 Month Campaign

1 User

Startup Resources


Raise up to $5,000

$99 per campaign

All in Starter

3 Month Campaign

2 Users

Partner Perks


Raise up to $25,000

$299 per campaign

✓ All in Advanced

4 Month Campaign

3 Users

Advanced analytics

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